Benjamin Blake

Born in the USA in 1982, Benjamin join the army a week after his 21 anniversary. While not being the best in school, he didn't wanted to end up living in a low-quality-of-life. "anyone who would have the chance to leave it would take it" like he said.

Until today, he still regret to not have visit his parents them before the nuke was launch on New-york. This happen while he was trained by the marines. Because of the emotional chock, he had to be pull out of it. Fighting was his life but he couldn't join back the army. so he took one of the few other option for his career, he join a PMC, the best one to pop was the LAD.

Those chosen for the regulars must have previous military experience from any official military organization.

With the time, he slowly went up in the ranks to finally end up "top officer". Being the equivalent of commander in a way. This doesn't hold him from going on the field tho. Fighting amongst his men, show them that there is nothing to fear.