Elios Corporation (pronounced EE-LEE-JOS) was an American based corporation which was located in the Bermuda Triangle during the pre-resurgence. Elios is now a secretive organization with it's own agenda.


Elios Corporation, otherwise known as Elios PMC, was created in 1961 as a military corporation based in Hawaii. It was created by Andrew Page, who was a retired WW2 veteran. As the US suffered major casualties in the Vietnam War, the United States Government hired the company. The PMC units fought alongside Marines until the end of the war. The company underwent massive changes to transform itself into an actual corporation. After the death of Thomas Page Elios went off the radar. Elios resurfaced in early 2017.

Modern Times

Elios is owned by English former-SAS member Tom Mitchell. It is not clear what exactly Elios is and what it's motives are.

War in Syria (2015-2016)

Elios began the war in Syria by bombing Anointed Warriors of Allah hideouts. Elios gunships also attacked patrol units. The war didn't last long as suddenly, the Anointed Warriors of Allah went dark. When they resurfaced, Elios resumed it's operations against the Anointed Warriors of Allah by cleaning out cities and towns of insurgents.

Dirty bomb incident

Around the 17th of may, 2016 an Elios transport containing 4 dirty bombs crashed on the outskirts of Inkhil, and fell into AWA hands. Not long after they were used on the city, killing off most World's Liberation Army (WLA) men in Syria. Elios' operations ceased not too long after.

Death of Thomas Page


Base of Operations

The exact location is unknown, but many reports suggest that their base is located in Traverse City, Michigan.