Espionage Wars is a forum wargame which started on May 8, 2012, as a thread in the Facepunch Screenshots and Movies forum [1]. Originally started by forum member "Greatdictator", then improved and supervised by "pvt.jenkins" , later supervised by "FT", and now supervised by "Slim Charles." (Alias for pvt.jenkins).


The basis of the game is that every participant creates and controls an organization and assign its personnel, infantry, equipment, main base of operations, etc. Additional infantry/equipment/bases can be added. There are no limitations on the number of infantry, equipment, or bases a faction can possess. Every participant can wage war or make peace with each other in the game. A participant can join or pull out of the game at anytime. There are NPC (non-player character) factions that are under the control of the game supervisor, participants can use them in poses.


Espionage Wars has a set of rules which every participant is expected to follow.

More information on the current game rules can be found either in the newest OP, or on the Rules


The belligerent groups involved in Espionage Wars are referred to as factions. There are a variety of factions already in existance, both active and inactive, which can be found categorized here on the wiki.

Factions Listed on the Wikia

Active Factions

Inactive Factions