There is a custom map that is used to keep track of all the major active faction bases and areas in the game. The map can be found Here

PM Rusty for changes and additional information.

Please provide proper information regarding information about your faction. This includes:

-Your main/primary area of influence(if you have any). Provide pictures on a map of where it is.

-A picture of your faction's flag/emblem/logo.

-The location of your MAIN headquarters/base of operations. Provide pictures on a map of where it is.

-Link to your faction's Wiki page.

-If there are ANY changes to your faction regarding territorial gains/losses or if there is a need for an update please contact me as soon as possible.

-If your area of influence consists of a small town or very tiny area on the map it is not being added as an area of influence.

Rules Regarding Other Bases:

There are now limitations on what will be placed on the map.

Currently only your main headquarters will be placed on the map but later other areas will be added at a future time.

Eventually it will be based on:

-Relevance (Major Bases, Forts, Silos/Bunkers ON YOUR TERRITORY)\

-Strategic Importance (FOBs, Staging Areas, Suppy Depots)

-Activity and Proximity to Conflict Zones or Current Major Events