The Global Reporting Network, or GRN, is an international news gathering and broadcasting company seen prominently during the Espionage Wars.

As a subsidiary of Cobalt Corps, they provide news services to military installations and civilians across the globe during international conflicts and peacetime.


As the "espionage" wars kicked off, Cobalt Corps purchased a local German news network in Frankfurt and expanded it and it's personnel into the Global Reporting Network. They've recruited from around the world, primarily in industrialized countries.

The Global Reporting Network has a wide range of corespondents, researchers and freelance journalists working for them across the globe to deliver the most transparent and reliable news coverage. GRN has coverage in areas including but not limited to Germany, Japan, Russia, United States, Syria, and France.

Other Services


Known Personnel


Studio Staff

Correspondents, reporters and crew

  • Mark Daniels - Germany Correspondent
  • Luther Derrick - Germany Correspondent
  • Riley Roarke - Ireland Correspondent
  • Bob Barbas - USA Correspondent
  • Bob Jones - USA Correspondent
  • Geogie Hallaway - USA Correspondent
  • Boris Borivanovitch - Russian Correspondent
  • Hanzuri Kenta - Japan Correspondent
  • Manuel Pardo - Brazil Correspondent
  • Omar Mullah - Syrian Correspondent