Ivanka Dawson was an executive at Trinity Arms/Trinity Corporation. She is the daughter of James M. Dawson and Catherine Dawson, and the twin sister of Isabella Dawson.




Ivanka Dawson was resurrected as a Trinity Mk3 Type 2 on July 7th, 2010 at the Omega-I lab in Antarctica. During the final stages of production, she was supposed to go through brainwashing procedures as per request from the Chairman of Trinity Corporation, Senator Joseph Jacobs. It turns out, though, that the brainwashing procedure orders arrived far too late, as she was already send out for testing and training purposes. Jacobs then changed his mind on the situation, judging her to be none of his concern.

Ivanka passed Type 2 training with flying colors and was placed into Unit 138. She retains all of her memories and her personality, and secretly formulates a plan to kill the man that killed her in 1989. When given the chance to execute said plan, she jumps at it. She travels to Japan, while Trinity Corporation is constructing its new cloning lab in Tokyo. During her time in Japan, she attempts to track down Miguel Reyes, the man that had laced her cocaine and ultimately killed her.

Eventually, she locates him at a nightclub. It is there that she finally kills him, and takes his phone. Finally, after exacting her long awaited vengeance, she searches for other things to do while she still has the time in Japan.