"We are the J12.That is all."

The J12 is a Revolutionary splinter group believed to be well organized in gathering information and advanced technology. Their true goals are surrounded in mystery and are considered terrorist by the mass public. But few believe them to be fighting against corrupt individuals who misguide society in the shadows...


There is limited information on how the J12 came to be formed as a joint organisation. Rumours speculate that a person only known as "J-Zero", gathered 12 individuals together and created what is now known as the Joint Twelve faction. Over time they have gathered numerous foot soldiers and allies which have grown tired over societies laws and political ideologies.

J12 Members

  • "J-Zero"
  • J1- N/A
  • J2- N/A
  • J3- N/A
  • J4- N/A
  • J5- N/A
  • J8- N/A
  • J9- N/A
  • J11- N/A