Major John 'Cobra' Davidson is a long time serving veteran operative for Blackforce Corporation, even longer than Steven 'Ghost' Edwards. A long time veteran from the United States Army Special Forces - 'Green Berets', John has more combat experience than anyone else in Blackforce. Also, Cobra is also credited for his skills in infiltration and CQC skills, which he acts a combat instructor for Blackforce to pass on his skills to his fellow operatives

Joining Blackforce in 2001, literally 24 hours after Blackforce was founded in the same day, Cobra was responsible for bringing in small numbers of veteran operatives into Blackforce in the early days before deploying to Afghanistan for Blackforce's first combat deployment.

Currently, Cobra is the commander of Task Force: Venom, which he created in 2001, which is located in Syria as part of Blackforce's liberation of the country from the AWA.

Early History

John was born in 1966, where

Blackforce Operative


Weapons & Equipment

Due to John's extensive history and also his style of fighting, he is familiar with a variety of weapons.

His preferred weapon of choice is the Colt M4A4 with a angled grip, Eo-Tec 512 Holographic Sight, AN/PEQ 2 Laser Sight and Suppressor.