Allies: LAD

Locations and troops

Locations: Russia,Odessa, Italy and Japan.

Troops: Stealth troops, Assault troops and Heavy troops

  • Stealth soldier
  • Shock troopers
  • Driver (not real thing cant figure out what to call him)
  • Assaut troopers


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Kabas troops guarding an armored vehicle.

No one knew where the Kabas Pmc originated from. Some call them an upstart organization that will die out quickly.

The standard troops has gotten a nickname of being called kebab soldiers being a joke of their name. Most of the soldiers have familys and is working as mercenarys or as deserters, to provide food and shelter for their family, although the average lifespan of a Kabas soldier is 3 days after deployment says the so called Lord of truth.

The Kabas pmc is currently deployed in russia to  sabotage the Tbonian republic in anyway possible, even if it includes killing innocent civilians in the progress.

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Sneaking up on tbonian soldiers.