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History: LAD

The Legion of Armed Defense (LAD) is a PMC formed during the civil crisis of France(2012). His goal as a PMC, is mostly profit and development.

Known as seller of weapons and equipments, some peoples use to call them "seller of war" since the rumors of them selling on both side of a war during XXXXXXXX and to the worst individuals as well. Unofficially, it is said that they may have sold equipements to the VDI and the Kabas back in 2012-13.

They refer themselves as a Legion or the LAD most of the time. They push the idea than a squad is like a family for some on the field. Any non-respect of the Legion rules can result in extreme punishments. Which can go from isolation, to mutilation (a finger or two for exemple) to even death. All of this is rumor, officially.

(2015) Regulars in action

L.A.D. 2

(2012) A group of L.A.D. infantry's preparing a breach.

Serious buisinesses in Odessa

(2012) LAD leader(Hallan Kobin) talking with a Kabal officer

History: Pre-LAD (MOS)

-REDACTED- It is said than its origin could be from a fallen organisation build to take over the cartels in South-America. Others info are missing ...

High ranked personal

Leader(s): Anna Leblanc, Hallan Kobin

Regulars top officer: Benjamin Blake

Infantry top officer: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

"Equipement seller": XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX




2012 August:The LAD first infantry completed there training and are ready to be send on the field.

2012 December: A prototype of armor(carapace 1.03) have been build to offer a better protection to the troops.
LAD operative v2

(2012) LAD Guardian's

2013 February The LAD count now a number of 2472 more members.

2013 April: The equipments for the Guardians have been send. [Prototype {carapace 1.03} canceled due to [REDACTED] ]


-2012 September: The faction became official and began the fight against the rise of the criminality in Paris. With the help of Thierry Durant.

-2012 November: A base has been created. Paris is safer now but the rest of France is still in war.

-2013 January: The France war is over. But the LAD will keep some forces for any futur fight across Europe.

-2013 April: The guardians arrived in there base at Paris.


-2012 December: The LAD had send a couple of squad in the metro of Odessa hoping to find survivors after the last fight.

-2013 January: An outpost have been made for the future operations in Odessa.

-2013 April: The Guardians arrived at the outpost of Odessa.

-2015 February: Some movement have been reported from the Legion factory in Paris. Equipments have been packed for a unknown location.


27/04/2014The VID and the LAD remain neutral.

27/04/2014The Kabals and LAD remain neutral.