The Colt M16 is a well recognised assault rifle developed in the United States, overshadowed by the Russian AK series of rifles.

The first versions of the rifle that came out in the early 60's were plagued with multiple errors and problems, such as the stocks breaking off, magazines falling out during a fire-fight and jamming at the most inopportune moments. It was after 1969, when the M16A1 came into service and adopted by the US military, that these problematic issues were rectified. It is this rifle that help see the development of the 5.56x45mm NATO round that now sees service around the world.

By the time the M16A4 started coming into combat deployment, there have been little to no reports of it jamming and now can be outfitted with various attachments to the users preference.

Since then, the M16 has seen action in numerous countries, with many weapon manufactures now producing the rifle, such as FN Herstal, H&R Firearms and Daewoo Precision Indurstries, and has been adopted or used by 15 NATO countries, along with more than 80 countries worldwide, with nearly 8,000,000 rifles being produced (with around 90% of that number still operational).

In addition to state armies, it has also seen use by various private organisations, PMCs and numerous factions.


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