Major Marcus Davenport is a security guard, turned combat operative for Blackforce Corporation. A former member of the United States Marshal Services, Marcus joined Blackforce in 2007 as a way of being close to his hometown of Seattle, and also being close to his family.

Once joining Blackforce, Marcus was assigned to the Security Division and assigned to guard detail at Blackforce's field office in Seattle, at his request. It was a fine job until 'Damnation Day' - the Terrorist attack by the AWA on Seattle in June 2015.

Since that day, Marcus has been determined to clear Blackforce's name and rebuild that reputation. To that end, after meeting up with 2 of his friends, who were also born in Seattle, he formed Task Force: Vengeance as a way to achieve that end and also as a way of achieving Vengeance against the AWA in Syria.