The PAAPMC (Penumbra Aviation and Aeronautics Private Military Corporation) or Penumbra for short, is a private military contractor company that provides military support with a specialization in air force operations, as well as the development and production of aeronautical assets for various clients.



Penumbra Corporation started out as a small private security business based in the U.S. under the name Penumbra Security Firm in 1991 that worked for other companies hiring for property and assets security. It was not until 1994 that the company's founder, Carter Callahan, had found interest in the growing PMC market.

2014-2019 Espionage Wars


The Ukraine Battlefront The PAAPMC entered the espionage wars conflict on April 26, 2014, with the intentions to hunt down the supposedly terrorist faction "KABAS". Although the search stopped later on, the PAAPMC went ahead to help support Tchvonian soldiers in Ukraine against Western Route.

Aftermath of the Western Route

After Western Route withdrawn the majority of its forces, the PAAPMC fought the Flint Valley Mercenaries and the remaining number of Western Route troops.

PGI Assistance

When PGI in Japan was threatened by Trinity and KABAS forces in mid-2014, PAAPMC went to Japan to help assist PGI until all hostile forces dwindled to a halt later that year.


Alliance of Rival Factions

PAAPMC wished to discussed with NGR and Adler International over a common goal, and thus a cease-fire was initiated as the 3 factions talked with each other on the threat of Vice Union. After much discussion, NGR, PAAPMC, and Alder Intl. allied with each other to combat the threat until the fighting was over.

The Siege of Germany In late 2014, several factions have begun fighting in Germany for control of the country. PAAPMC entered the fight when news of fascist factions began to emerge, putting Germany at risk of being controlled by right-wing extremists. NGR and Adler International were fighting beforehand in the dispute of NGR wanting control over Germany and splitting the country in two.

However months later, VU broadcasted that a nuclear weapon was in their possession and demanded all "outsiders" to leave Hanover, Germany or face nuclear detonation. PAAPMC, along with other factions, promptly responded with more military force into the region.

VU then detonated the nuclear weapon, killing all within Hanover, ending PAAPMC's campaign and destroying their morale as a result of this event.

Sierra Leone In 2015, PAAPMC have started to reside forces within the Bonthe district of Sierra Leone. It is currently unknown what their intentions are at the moment.


In 2016, Penumbra has been pushed into scrutiny and restraint with an ever-growing opposition to all PMCs in recent years with factions bent on the destruction of rogue private militaries.

South Africa

In May 2016 Penumbra entered into South Africa on suspicions towards Kraaivuur International with marshal law put under Cape Town with no reasons behind their decision.

In June 2016, a FOB went under construction in the valleys within the western area of South Africa.

GCMU Membership

In the Summer of 2016, Penumbra became one of the founding members of the GCMU (Global Corporate Military Union) in an effort to deter and balance the threat the Central Pact imposed with its presence.

GCMU-CenPac Conflict of South Africa

In the Summer of 2016, prior aggression between Kraaivuur Intl. and DNH had risen to unprecedented levels. Penumbra assumed Kraaivuur was being put under pressure by Central Pact forces, and as a response began an air patrol campaign in an attempt to deter both sides from starting a war. It turned futile as both sides began fighting in December 2016. Penumbra utilized its forces in order to quickly end the war, but was ultimately crushed by Central Pact forces. At the end of December 2016, Penumbra bailed out of the conflict and was left in ruins, leaving Kraaviuur Intl. alone to fight the Central Pact.






Production Branches


Military Units

  • PGAC and PIOP infantry, 2018
  • PGAC Standard/Urban Fatigues
  • PGAC Desert Expeditionary Fatigues
  • PGAC Woodland Fatigues
  • Several gear variations of early PGAC infantry
  • More PGAC variations, along with Desert Expeditionary Force units
  • PCAF 7th Air Tactical Squadron Sabier
  • Several variants of PGAC units, post-Hanover Crisis
  • A CGM trooper and PGAC security enforcer in the DR streets.
  • An sniper in the Dominican Republic gets a view of the city before setting up post.
  • A PGAC troop in woodland fatigues sits idle next to stacked equipment.
  • A close up shot of a PCAF F-15S/MTD over Dominican Republic outskirts
  • A PGAC fireteam of the 3rd Expeditionary Force Division await their departure to a nearby FOB.
  • A PGAC Mercenary, RoH Chasseur, and UPA Infantaria

Penumbra Corporation Air Force (PCAF)

The backbone of the PAAPMC, this branch of Penumbra Corp. conducts aerial warfare such as air supremacy, strategic bombing, and close air support.

Penumbra Ground and Air Control (PGAC)

As Penumbra Corporation's division of ground infantry, they are tasked with executing ground operations as well as assisting air support with environmental information vital to their missions.

Penumbra Intelligence Operations Party (IOP)

Little is known about the IOP, but what known is that they are the corporation's black-ops team of agents tasked with covert operations behind enemy lines to obtain and procure intel, as well as making efforts to manipulate the hearts and minds of others. Surprisingly, few that have encountered them report being incapacitated by rubber bullets or in contact with psycho-chemicals or sleeping gas, showing IOP have utilized non-lethal methods to deal with enemy forces. They are believed to be directly under command of Penumbra's CEO himself, though some report that they are also managed by one of PAAPMC's many directors.




The standard uniform and equipment the PGAC utilize are a combination of current or discontinued US & NATO military attire.

The uniform itself has gone over many iterations over the years, but the modern PGAC set-up is comprised of a CUU blouse, Gen 1 Crye Precision trousers, Oakley SI assault gloves, MICH 2000 combat helmet, and a CPC vest; though a bit outdated by modern military standards in appearance, the uniforms are equipped with modifications to meet such standards as flame-resistance materials and increased comfort.  


The standard uniform of an IOP operative is  


PGAC personnel don a splinter pattern derived from the Swedish M90. It is used mainly for it's cheap production and to easily distinguish from other faction

SPC-M (Splinter Pattern Camouflage - Mörkblå): A dark-blue splinter pattern camo based on various far eastern oceanic patterns used in urban and coastal regions.

SPC-O (Splinter Pattern Camouflage - Öken) A desert splinter pattern camo follows the United States Marine Corps Desert MARPAT color scheme of light tans and coyote browns.

SPC-F (Splinter Pattern Camouflage - Fält): A variant of SPC camouflage used in woodland terrain. It retains the same green hue as the original M90 camouflage but emphasizes more brown and tan colors from the United States.

SPC-TY (Splinter Pattern Camouflage - Taepyeong-yang) A dark pale brown camouflage used exclusively by PGAC troops in the Far East. Its color scheme is based off the ROK Marine Corps Turtle Shell camouflage.

SPC-W (Splinter Pattern Camouflage - Winter)


These are the weapons commonly used by Penumbra Corporation:

Assault Rifles

  • HK G36
  • HK G36C
  • HK G36K
  • HK-416D
  • HK-416C

Designated Marksman Rifles

  • HK-417
  • SR25EC
  • M110
  • SAM-R


  • SPAS-12
  • Mossberg 500

Light Machine Guns

  • M249
  • M27 IAR
  • MG36

Sniper Rifles

  • AI AWM
  • AI AWC-M
  • GOL-Sniper Magnum


  • Beretta M9
  • USP-45 Compact


  • FMG-148 Javelin
  • FIM-92F Stinger
  • SMAW

Relations with other Factions

The Tchvonian People's Republic of Tchvonia - Unknown

Penumbra Corp., though once associates with TPRT, has had a strained relation with Tchvonia ever since it's membership into the Central Pact. Nowadays it has had minimal contact with Tchvonia as of January 2017.

The Central Pact - Unknown

Though the Central Pact has acted as a deterrent to Penumbra in the past, the disbandment has left .

GCMU - Former Member

Penumbra Corporation joined in the Summer of 2016 and is a standing ally within the members of the Union.

Due to a lack of cooperation within the alliance, Penumbra declared secession from the GCMU in late 2016.

PGI - Unknown

Though both PAAPMC and PGI are within an alliance, it has been put question due to the rumors of US diplomats being killed off and with notions of PGI being at hand with this ordeal.

Eh, this faction's more dead than Japan's yearly birthrate.

Trinity - Rival

PAAPMC views Trinity as a neutral threat, but a high-value rival in the PMC business.

Viper Defense Initiative (VDI) - Neutral

The PAAPMC and VDI are allied with each other since both are dedicated to establishing and maintaining peace.

Due to the failure of the GCMU, Penumbra has since distanced itself from VDI.

Western Route - Hostile

Due to info that shows WR's activities on international drug dealing, PAAPMC has allied with numerous factions to help wither away WR.

It's a dead faction now.

Flint Valley Mercenaries


As a small band of mercs allied with Western Route, they quickly became targets of Penumbra's campaign against WR. But in 2015, reports have shown that FVM has dissolved out of commision and so they are no longer a threat to PAAPMC.

Adler International


PAAPMC has allied with Adler International as they seen potential in both NGR and Adler Intl. working together for a common cause.

New German Republic (NGR)


PAAPMC has allied with NGR as they see potential in both NGR and Adler Intl. working together for a common cause.

Children of God


Though supposedly friendly to PAAPMC, this faction is often questioned due to their many atrocities throughout various conflicts.



Here is a list of aircraft utilized by the PCAF:


  • None


  • F-15S/MTD


  • A-10 Thunderbolt II
  • F-117 Nighthawk


  • RAH-66 Comanche
  • UH-60 Stealth Blackhawk
  • OH-58D Kiowa

Electronic Warfare

  • E-767 AWACS
  • EA-18G Growler


  • C-5 Galaxy
  • C-130 Hercules
  • C-17 Globemaster III
  • C-20 Gulfstream III

Ground-Based Vehicles

  • Iveco LMV
  • Patria AMV
  • Leopard 2A7 MBT


  • Penumbra Corporation is one of the few factions of Espionage Wars who operate and maintain an air force, along with TPRT and GSAF.
  • The Moon seen on Penumbra's insignia serves as a motif to the company's goals in the aviation department.
  • Penumbra ocassionally incorporates various abandoned prototypes, unfinished projects or technology demonstrations into their line of resources, often converting them for military use.