Redwater International(RDWITN, Redwater), is a PSC group initially based out of the british isles, but has later stationed several bases in Norway, South Africa, and North America as well.

It is a group that deploys units to police and provide security for areas that require their help.


Redwater International started off as a relatively small company(1998), keeping in the shadows and doing ops for lowly companies, eventually building up manpower to the strength it has today.(Very very WIP)

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Redwater rifleman

A Redwater rifleman

Redwater Infantrymen are the backbone of the force of Redwater International, assisting their armored squadrons and being inserted to disrupt enemy forces before main attacks.


Redwater Tanker2

A Redwater Tanker

Redwater Tankers are the pilots of the M1A1 Abrams and Strykers that Redwater employs with the Mechanized Infantry and Armoured Divisions.

They usually are armed with Simple Sidearms and SMGs.

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Redwater Scout

A Redwater Scout

Redwater Tanker1

Another Redwater tanker

Redwater SAW operator

A Redwater machinegunner