The Republic of New Hansa (or RNH) is a constitutional democratic country situated in the southeastern region of Africa bordering Swaziland, Mozambique, Lesotho and South Africa.


German South East Africa (1884-1918)

In 1882 a rich German banker received permission and protection granted by Chancellor Bismark in order to build a station on the eastern of Southern Africa. In late 1882 the merchant purchased land from a local tribal chief and established a small city named Durban. On May 18th 1884, the merchant placed the area under protection of Imperial Germany to deter British interference.


During the First World War the area saw many of it's outposts and stations under siege and captured by the superior number of South African troops.

After the war, the territory came under British control temporarily but due to protests from the local civilians and increasing pressure from the local government the region of not wanting to be controlled by another foreign power it was granted its independence in 1918 and renamed the Republic of New Hansa.

South African Border War (1968 - 1989)


Global Espionage War


Germany (2015)

August 3rd 2015 - Working alongside Red Cross aid workers, Hansa prepares and delivers humanitarian aid to the refugee camps and triage centers in Frankfurt for civilians fleeing Hanover and the surrounding areas.

Panama (2016)

June 23rd 2016 - New Hansa arrives and begins to invade Panama along the southern coast to assist their Central Pact allies fighting farther inland.







Foreign Policy


New Hansa Armed Forces

The New Hansa Armed Forces (or NHAF) are the pride and joy of the Republic of New Hansa. Since the country's founding New Hansa has been a world leader in peacekeeping, military training, disaster relief and is the world's fourth largest weapons manufacturer. The NHAF is subdivided into five branches, the New Hansa Army, the New Hansa Navy, the new Hansa Air Force, and the New Hansa Military Health Services.

New Hansa Army

The New Hansa Army makes up the bulk of those active in the NHAF.

- Light Infantry

- Mechanized Infantry

- Armoured Corps

- Combat Engineers

- Rapid Reaction Force

The Rapid Reaction Force, or RRF, is part of the NHAF and is New Hansa's first line of defense against invading enemies or internal ones in addition to being part of the first responders during natural disasters and international conflict.

New Hansa Navy

- Legionnaires

The New Hansa Legionnaires are the special forces branch of the New Hansa Armed Forces.

New Hansa Air Force

- Pathfinders

The New Hansa Pathfinders are the paratrooper branch of the NHAF.

New Hansa Military Health Service

ISA Rifleman

New Hansa Rifleman





Faction Relations

People's Republic of Tbonia:

  • Allied.
  • Conducts combined-operations training exercises together

Kuril Republic:

  • Neutral.

Republic of Boliveria:

  • Neutral.

Children of God:

  • Neutral.


  • Neutral.