Talon Company is a private military company lead by an unknown individual codenamed "Black Raven". The company specializes counter-terrorism and espionage.


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Talon CO

The Talon Commanding Officers are officers who lead Talon forces into battle. Their role allows them to call in airstrikes upon targets and mainly report to Black Raven. Their main weapons consist of either an assault rifle or shotgun.

Talon Grunt

The Grunts are the most common units deployed onto the field. Their main role is combination of different occupations; patrol, guard, combat engineers, etc. They operate in 4-man squads and mainly use assault rifles.

Talon Shotgunner

The Shotgunners are Talon Company's main CQB unit. They are the second most common unit deployed next to grunts. Shotgunners are mainly found in Talon Co. bases where CQC situations is more common. Their main weapon are shotguns.

Talon Medic

The Talon Medics are the faction's main medical unit. They are similar to grunts but are distinguishable from the red cross on their helmets and lack of gasmask. Despite being assigned the role of medic, their basic weapon and combat proficiency are the same as grunts.

Talon AT

The Talon Anti-Tank soldier are units specializing in anti-armor. The units, due to their bulky equipment, utilize guerrilla tactics rather than conventional military tactics. They, along with their standard rocket launcher, carry mines and a pistol as a fallback weapon.

Talon Sentry Gun

The Talon Sentry Guns are stationary robotic turrets used to defend key points in either an offensive or defensive role. They utilize a shield to defend any unit positioned behind it and magnets to reduce the chance of tipping over. The sentry can be repositioned by carrying it to any designated location.


The Hardsuit is a heavily-armored powered exoskeleton in use by Talon Company. The hardsuit can be armed with either miniguns, railguns, or a combination of both. The suit is slow-moving, leaving it vulnerable to anti-armor units. A booster is mounted onto the frame to remedy its slow speed.