Talon Company Sentrygun

Talon Sentry Gun and a Grut wearing folded Turret on his back for a reference.

The Talon Sentry Gun is part of Talon Company's tiny venture into the field of robotics, and is quite the handy little tool. Sentry Guns are deployed when a key point is in need of protection or fortification-usually this is in the form of a unit's flank, keeping Talon Company's presence in area where soldiers needn't be, locking an area down, or creating choke points and traps. Sentry Guns cannot move, so the way they get around would be on the back of a Talon infantry unit. The Talons will simply deploy the turret, set it's targeting parameters, and leave it behind at the location. These turrets use a special identification system able to distinguish between friend or foe-Talon untis and no Talon units- and will hose down non Talon Company personel and unaffiliated personel without mercy or hesitation. These unmanned units utilize shield technology not seen in many parts of the world; Black Raven may have had a hand in aquiring said technology, and will take quite a beating to destroy. Talon sentry guns also use a magnitism technolgy, allowing it to bolt itself to the ground wherever there is some form of metal present-even metal mineral deposits in the ground, making them unable to be tipped over.