Task Force: Ghost, often dubbed 'Ghost Pack', is a elite strike team from Blackforce Corporation that is lead by veteran operative Steven 'Ghost' Edwards. Ghost Pack was formed in February 2002, just in time for to participate in Operation Anaconda - more specificity, the Battle of Takur Ghar.

Specializing in night time operations and as an infiltration unit, Ghost Pack is also seen as a commanding unit for some major operations and offensives, such as Blackforce's failed attempt to liberate Hanover in Germany and also Operation: 'Titanfall' - Blackforce's invasion of Syria to liberate the country from the AWA.

Out of all of the units in Blackforce, Ghost pack is the easiest to pick out due to their unique 'emblem'. Due to Ghost wearing his unique facepaint and also his skills in stealth, all the other members chose to be called 'Ghost Pack' out of pure respect for their commander. To repay the favor, Ghost gave the members full authorization to wear the same facepaint as he did. At first, all the members wore the same pattern on balaclavas, but now, some members have decided to do the same as Ghost and wear face-paint themselves, with some actually supporting their own designs.

With the exception of Task Force: Venom, Ghost pack has achieved more combat missions than anyone else in Blackforce, with their current deployment in Syria either as a front-line unit or as a commando unit, depending on the mission given.


  • Colonel Steven 'Ghost' Edwards - Commanding Officer/Marksman
  • Captain Natalie Harper - Helicopter Pilot (Unofficial member)