Task Force: Venom is an elite strike team from Blackforce Corporation, with veteran operative John 'Cobra' Davidson leading the unit from it's creation in April 2001, which makes Venom the oldest Task Force due to John being one of the very first members to sign up since the creation of Blackforce in the same month.

Due to Cobra's training in stealth and covert infiltration, Venom is deployed as a shock unit for major offensives, but their specialty is their capability of acting as a saboteur unit when the chance arises due as Venom is capable of operating in broad daylight. Because of this, Venom holds a high reputation due to them pulling off some of the most daring operations deep behind enemy lines with major successes in both daylight and at night - some of which without any casualties and also without a shot being fired.

Currently, Venom is deployed to Syria after pulling off some of the most daring missions in Iraq against Insurgent Forces from 2005 - 2014, when Blackforce started to make an appearance on the Espionage Wars.


  • Major John 'Cobra' Davidson - Commanding Officer