The Bogotá Cartel is a recently founded but large scale narcotics cartel based primary in Colombia but covers all of Latin America. It is led by the Muñoz brothers and is one of the profitable criminal organisations today


The Bogotá Cartel mainly manufactures and exports cocaine illegally, however it also re-distributes other narcotics and some weaponry for extra profit. They have cocaine labs hidden all across Latin America most of them being hidden in the huge rain-forests whilst others can be found in cities and underground. Roughly 80% of their product is exported to Southern USA with large demand in areas such as Florida, New Mexico and California. As of now the cartel and its members are not wanted by any law enforcement, however they are largely suspected of drug trafficking by the DEA and Colombian Government.


The Cartel owns a large number of civilian vehicles such normal cars, private jets, yachts and more. For business purposes however they have numerous container ships, cargo planes and trucks to transport product over the Caribbean Sea and Central America. Motorcycles are also a popular vehicle used by the Cartels Sicario's for their effectiveness in assassinations.


There is no official list of equipment that the Cartel uses, however they mostly use cheap and outdated weaponry and gear such as Mac-10's, Uzi's, Ak's, M16A4's, Remington 870's and Galil's. Gear wise they also have no official uniform but mostly wear casual clothing although goons usually wear a mixture of normal clothes and outdated military/police gear such as helmets, Chest Rigs, Boots and balaclavas.


*The Smokkelaars Alliansie: The Bogota Cartel purchases much of its firearms and weaponry from the Smokkelaars and thus has a mostly positive view on them.