The Republic of Utarica, is a Nation located in Scandinavia. It shares Borders with Finland, and Russia, having Generally warm Relations with them. With a population of 50 Million, It is living in Relative peace, and has a High Economy. It obviously cannot Contend with the Powers of the World, like the United Kingdom, and the United States, but in the Area, it is doing well. It has a GDP of about £200 Billion, and around £25,000 per Capita. It's currency is the Utarican Dollar, however the market does accept Euro, or Ruble.



Utarica was founded in 1936, as a sort of "Experiment" of Nazi Germany. They were testing to make a "Perfect German Country" out of a Race they saw as Inferior. They would try and Isolate it, using Propoganda, and Heavy policing to make an Entire area of Land seem to completely devote itself to Nazism.

This was ultimately a Failure, and heavy Resistance, along with help of the Russians, caused Germany to be Pushed out of the area. Considering even Nazi Propaganda couldnt shift the country, the world viewed Utarica as a very Patriotic, Rebellious, and very Resilient Nation, that would not change their Ideologies, no matter what was thrown at them.


Because of Utarica's position, they were forced into the USSR. But, the USSR knew Utarica would be hard to hold onto, causing them to create heavy Policing, and lots of Propaganda. Despite all of this, many Pockets of Resistance formed. Lots of conflicts were fought in Utarica, over many years, causing an Issue for the USSR.

The Oppstander

The Oppstander (Norweigan for "The Uprisings") were the Constant fighting in Utarica, during the USSR's occupation. Some Resistance groups, were: The Liberation Front, The Anarcho-Socialists, and a few smaller ones. This gave the USSR a hard time occuping the land, and almost caused a full scale uprising in the Country. This did not loosen the USSR's tight grip, but it stopped the country from becoming fully brainwashed.

Tumanny disaster

The City of Tumanny suffered a Nuclear disaster. This caused the Utaricans to evacuate, and cover. Mass terrorist operations occur in the abandoned city, and hardly anyone lives in the area. Recently, search and destroy missions on terrorist groups are underway.

Modern Day

The Utarican Economy has recently undergone extreme growth, with a Powerful Military. They are set to Deploy thousands of Troops to places undergoing war, like Africa. As of now, they only have troops stationed in Allied Countries, and their own.


Work In Progress