The Western Route

The Western Route's Logo since 1967

The Western Route is one of the largest criminal organizations in operation in present time, acting as one of the largest smuggling operations transporting illegal narcotics and firearms across the globe.


During the Vietnam War, a bunch of peeved and thoroughly disheartened GI's got it into their heads that they could make a small fortune dealing drugs with both their own side and their enemies in the Vietcong and NVA and make enough, possibly, to buy themselves out of the hell hole they were now in. The scheme worked and all of the men found themselves rich and able to buy themselves comfy desk positions away from the frontlines of Vietnam and into desk positions in Washington. After the Vietnam war had fizzled out, all of the former GI's got together and organized what they saw as perhaps the greatest idea since Toast and Butter were combined. Create a much larger organization and make it go international. The plan half worked. It was international in the west and nowhere else. They have been trying ever since to expand their operations into the east, though most of these operations have ended in disaster.


The main firearms used by the organization include, but are not limited too:

  • M16A1 Rifles
  • M1911 Pistols
  • Browning 50. Cal Machine Guns
  • DShK Machine Guns

Whilst vehicles are a random miss-mash of civilian vehicles and military vehicles classes as ancient by modern standards, such as the M60A1 Patton Tank and the M113 Armoured personnel carrier, though they do field a fleet of UH-1H Iroqouis 'Huey' helicopters.


Western Route Grunt

A Western Route Grunt.

- The main-stay unit of The Western Route, these men are the expendable, albeit moderately well trained and equipped, grunts of the Route. They're general, all-purpose troops, driving ground vehicles such the M60A1 and M113. Due to their sheer expendability, they usually just charge headfirst into battle, falling in droves to further the organization's goals. They also act as dealers and couriers, delivering the Route's narcotics, weapons, and other varying services to clients and buyers within the Route's territories.

Western Route Grenadier Grunt

A Western Route Grenadier Grunt.

Grenadier Grunt - The grenadier operates as a secondary unit, using the highly explosive M203 grenades to blast through armour, shelter and infantry. They are almost as expendable as the regular Grunts, although they are somewhat more highly trained in the use of explosives and are therefore valued amongst the organization, so therefore appear alongside them as a somewhat less-expendable form of cannon fodder.