The following is a timeline of events for the 2013 conflict in Saudi Arabia.


10th September, 2013

Struthio International Security and Towerlight forces land a significant number of troops in eastern Saudi Arabia.

14th September, 2013

SIS and Towerlight forces capture the Ghawar, Khuris & Jaladi oil fields. Small scale skirmishes with government forces are reported, but no major resistance is met.

Tbonian forces are sent to Saudi Arabia to assist Towerlight and SIS troops in their operations.

16th September, 2013

The SSR launch a massive attack across the Yemeni/Saudi Arabian border, pushing northwest.

27th September, 2013

SSR forces continue pushing northwest. SIS, TPA, and Towerlight forces hold their oil fields and continue battling the Saudi military.

ODQ forces deploy to Saudi Arabia.

29th September, 2013

SSR forces enter the city of Al Hofuf. After meeting heavy resistance from Saudi military forces, they are forced to withdraw to the city's outskirts and await reinforcements.

1st October, 2013

Major dust storms begin to sweep across the front lines of the conflict, causing  significant confusion and hindering efforts from both sides.

SSR forces begin their assault on the city of Kharj.

Dartmouth Ventures deploy forces to Saudi Arabia.

2nd October, 2013

Tbonian paratroopers deploy to the city of Al Majmaah.

Towerlight forces enter the city of Riyadh.

9th October, 2013

Tbonian forces arrive in the city of Riyadh.

SSR forces enter the city of Riyadh.

Fighing in the city comes to a stalemate, constantly hampered by dust storms.

11th October, 2013

Excludes Conglomerates forces enter the conflict in Saudi Arabia, fighting alongside the Tbonian military against Saudi government forces.

30th December, 2013

ODQ forces join the fighting in Riyadh.

12th February, 2014

Representatives from the SSR, Towerlight, and the TPRoT convene to discuss a ceasefire and withdrawal of troops from Saudi Arabia.

14th February, 2014

SSR, Towerlight, and Tbonian forces begin to withdraw from Saudi Arabia. The conflict is over.