Voytek was formed by William Cobb in 1989. Voytek was formed with the purpose of establishing peace between nations by resolving conflicts in peaceful ways.

Voytek also dabbles in medicine and biological weapons.

Places of interest


Novokuznetsk, home to the largest Voytek research facility.


Adler International - Allies

C.O.G - Neutral

Viper Defense Initiative - Neutral

Trinity Corp - Neutral

Tbonia - Neutral

International Strategic Alliance. - Neutral

Vice Union - Enemies

Known Members

Voytek Cobb

From the left, Maxwell Dreissler, Willaim Cobb and Novak zajtsev

William Cobb - Founder of Voytek

Novak Zajtsev - Head Of Voyteks Military Forces

Maxwell Dreissler - Head Of Voyteks Scientific Department


Voytek Africa Corps
Voytek employs mercenary's and ex-soldiers from all over the world

Public Operations

Voytek Reed Flute expedtion

Voytek Beneath the public area of the Reed Flute cave, China 2008

Expedition Beneath Reed Flute

Voytek 2005 Training Exercise