The Xin Syndicate is a highly funded crime syndicate formed by Shen Yu In 2001. They mainly focus around illegal weapons dealing, human trafficking, and drug trafficking, but they have also been known to commit acts of destruction and terrorism towards governments or stronger factions to instill fear.


The Syndicate was formed with one main purpose in mind: Power. Shen Yu is known to be a very power hungry man, and will often to go great lengths to get what he wants. The Syndicate aims to rise out of an insignificant gang, and into a feared empire by any means.

Project Empire

Mr. Xin has recently announced the existence of a large scale project that the Syndicate has been working on, project empire. The overall goal of this project is to rise in a military power that can stand toe to toe with other powerful factions. This project has multiple phases, each with different tactics surrounding them. The first phase was raining the necessary money and resources to rise out of a simple gang, and to make their presence known through terrorism, heists, and kidnappings. Now they have begun to move onto phase two, which involves heavy militarization and fortifications. They have begun purchasing new weaponry and vehicles such as armored cars and APCs, as well as the eventual introduction of military uniforms for thugs, turning them into militants and soldiers. The next phase is unknown at the this current time.


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Xin militants

The Syndicate is not composed of a standard military, but more of a hardened thugs which train in guerrilla warfare with some military tactics sprinkled in. They mainly composed of trained civilians or hardened criminals, but they also have the help of hired contractors and mercenaries whom are disguised in their ranks. Recently, the training quality of new members has gone up in order to assume they don't get swamped by another force that surpasses theirs.


The Syndicates favorite weapons are of the AK series, mainly the type 56 and AK-74 to name a few, but they also use just about anything they can get their hands on.


The Syndicate is present mainly in countries such as China, which is where it was formed, but they have been spreading out to nearby countries and have been reported to be seen in areas such as Afghanistan and Russia. They have also recently spread to South America, setting up in the Commonwealth.


The Syndicate tends to have poor relations due to their chaotic nature, however one strong ally they have gained is the Commonwealth, whom share similar ideals. Another ally of sorts is the Tunguska Khanate, where they have formed a military alliance in response to them being allied with the Commonwealth.